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  • A ceremony with ayahuasca : $ 100 (This rate includes the ayahuasca ceremony, the rest until the next day and breakfast, which is made of fruit, organic bread, jam, honey and cheese. Anyone who wishes to stay longer (to rest or meditate on the experience he/she just went through) is allowed to do so. Transportation is not included.)
  • 3 nights of ayahuasca: $ 270
  • Traditional Massage: $ 25
  • For personal treatments, diets and withdrawals contact with Fielder.

Ayahuasca retreat :

The rates of the retreats include everything during the clients’ stay:
The meals, which are prepared from organic and vegetarian products, without salt and sugar, the room, the ayahuasca and DMT ceremonies, other therapies such as massages, energetic clearing with bath of flowers and the absorption of other natural medicine from the Amazon.
Theoretically there are 3 ayahuasca ceremonies per week, but it depends on each person’s own resistance since the retreat is difficult work and during ceremonies, the person is going to feel the effect more powerfully than in a simple ceremony and certain people have a hard time handling it; so for these people, we limit the number of ceremonies to 2 per week.

  • 200 $ for 3 days.
  • 350 $ for one week
  • 700 $ for two weeks
  • 1200 $ for one month
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