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Maya Zack: I stayed with Filder at his home in Taray for one month

I stayed with Filder at his home in Taray for one month. Staying with his wife and kids felt welcoming and easy going and it’s located in a beautiful and quiet place. Although I don’t speak much Spanish, it was easy to get along with Filder, who is a genuine, good hearted and unpretentious guy. It was clear he has been working with the plant from a very young age – somehow it felt like his connection to it had a quality I haven’t yet seen working with others, yet with such simplicity and straight-forwardness. Ceremonies with him were very powerful – his brew was strong and his presence full of love, respect and genuinely focused on fully being there with you. He puts himself wholly into the experience every single time – even after having done this almost night after night for a couple of months... Thank you Filder and Doriane, I had an amazing and meaningful time and I very much hope to see you again in the not so far future!